Travel Agency Manager 

According to the decree 1432/2021 of the Ministry of Tourism, the travel agency manager is defined as the person charged with the technical responsibility of the travel agency and to whom has been assigned the following roles:

  1. Supervising over the activities of the agency as well as managing the organization, the planning, the promotion and the HR of the business.
  2. Carrying out technical tasks concerning the production, the organization and/or the brokering of travel and/or similar activities as well as other tourism products.


The section 2, clause 1 of the decree establishes that “the qualification to practice on the national territory as a travel agency manager is issued by the Regions and by the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, upon verification of the subjective, formative and linguistic requirements” (clauses 1 to 8 of the same section).

To learn more about the process to obtain the qualification check each regional laws.


Interested parties may request the recognition of their professional qualification or experience by sending an application accompanied by all the necessary documents at the dedicated e-mail address

The relevant Office will check the completeness of the documentation, inform the interested party and, in the event of a positive preliminary investigation, publish the relevant recognition decree within the established timeframe (within 3 months from the receipt of the complete documentation).

The recognition decrees will then be sent to the interested parties, to the Regions for the possible organization of the compensatory measure preliminary to the issue of the Italian license and are also published on the institutional website of the Ministry of Tourism in the dedicated section on this page.


  1. Application for recognition of the status of technical director of travel and tourism agency obtained in a EU-Country
  2. Application for recognition as technical director of travel and tourism agency acquired in a NOT-EU-Country